Air Con Perfumes for Women – La Vie


It is the best solution to refresh your car and provides a high quality perfume smell for up to 2-3 weeks. We recommend it for removing strong odors, for smoker’s, working cars or for creating a good smell before selling. About fragrance: Sweet fruity-floral feminine fragrance. Ein charakteristischer, orientalisch-floraler Duft – für die moderne Frau. Die leicht würzigen, aber süßen Aromen von Mandarine und rosa Pfeffer mischen sich. You can find floral notes, mainly lilac, but also a little spicy amber. The luscious scent of blackcurrant and sweet pear is mixed with notes of jasmine and magical orange blossom, but the scent of iris can also be felt. The sweetness of the fragrance is provided by tonka bean, praline and gourmand vanilla.